Madhur Bhandarkar again in dilemma

Seems like Madhur Bhandarkar's stars have lately not been in his favour. Madhur is facing one more problem; recently director was shocked to hear that a fake sms is being sent to a group of female artists. The sms promised to give them work under his banner. Bhandarkar had intentionally or unintentionally landed in controversies since a while now. Recently, he breathed a sigh of relief when the Supreme court dismissed the rape charge against him in November last year and got into this mess in the beginning of 2013. Reliable sources revealed that these messages were sent on Madhur's behalf to various artistes prominently female artistes. In the message it was mentioned that for 20 days shoot, they will be paid Rs. 8000 per day. The SMS reads: "Required 100 girls for a Madhur Bhandarkar film. Pay 8k each day for 20 days shoot! Interested people kindly email your pictures. Brief information will be given after short listing. Travel and accommodation is provided as the shoot is around Pune." On investigating it was found out that it was a fake message and Madhur promptly lodged a complaint with the police and the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell. "We tried contacting that number. When we got through, it was a man's voice at the other end. We expressed interest in being cast in the film. When we revealed our identity, the person realised he had been caught and quickly hung up," said Vinay Chaukar, Line Producer, Bhandarkar Entertainment.

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