Kriti Sanon:Tiger is a Perfectionist!

The young, refreshing and gorgeous Kriti Sanon is all set to weave her magic along with Tiger Shroff at the box office with Heropanti. In an exclusive chat with Biscoot Showtym, Kriti talks about her equation with Tiger and making it big in Bollywood:

1) Heropanti is releasing are you feeling?

Kriti: I have mixed feelings. I'm nervous and I'm excited at the same time as it's my debut in Bollywood. But we have worked hard and are confident about it. I feel the product is beautiful and we have been getting positive responses right from the trailer to the songs. And hopefully we will get the same response post the release as well.  

2) How did you get the film?

Kriti: The director of the film Sabbir Khan saw my ad commercial and got in touch with me. While he was narrating the script to me, I started reacting to it. It was  followed by a look test and audition, where I met Tiger Shroff for the first time. It was nothing less than a dream that very day. As soon as we packed up, Sabbir took me to meet the producer of the film Sajid Nadiadwala and signed me for the film. (Laughs) As soon as I sat in the car knowing that I was finalised, I kept munching on chocolates in happiness. I called up my parents telling them I'm doing this film and they were equally thrilled and happy for me.

3)How comfortable were you during the intimate and kissing scenes?

Kriti:I was pretty comfortable with the intimate and kissing scenes with Tiger. The scenes were required for the film and not that the film was based on it. And it was for a song where Tiger and I express our affection towards each other.

4) Were you worried that a starkid's (Tiger) popularity might over shadow your presence in the film?

Kriti: My director and writer saw to it that my character, Dippy, is strong enough to compliment the lead actor and stand out in the film. I was always secured about my role. I never felt I'll be sidelined any time since the beginning.

5) Your favourite track from the film?

Kriti: Raat Bhaar is a peppy track, has got that catchy club beats and along with it the beautiful lyrics top it all. Infact I heard the song later and got narrated about the situation first. The director told me how the song explains the feeling between the two of us. It was like story telling, so half my job was done.

6) Reportedly, you took acting workshops for your role in the film?

Kriti: I took workshops for the introductory scenes, where Tiger and I meet for the first time. Most of them were really casual ones, especially one which you see in the trailer, the give and take scene is one of the most memorable ones.

7) Tell us about your co-star Tiger Shroff...

Kriti: (Thinks) He is dedicated, focussed as every newcomer should be and rehearses a lot before every scene, to get it perfect. He is the Perfectionist! I remember when we were shooting in North India, he use to wake me up at 4am and go for a jogging and still be ready for a 7am shift. Funnily, he has this habit of breaking into jigs while taking inputs from the director, it amused me a lot.

8) One thing that you learnt from him...

Kriti:If in the near future I need to perform some action stunts in any films, I'll definitely ask him to teach me!

9) Any message for the audience?

Kriti: Even though Heropanti is a masala flick, after watching it one will get a deeper meaning to it. The film talks about following dreams, respecting the elders and has a social message attached to it. It's a complete package to watch.

10) Your future projects?

Kriti: I'm in talks with a few filmmakers, I can't reveal it yet till I finalise any of it. But I'm eager to try out all different genres of movies.

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