KJo's biopic on Guru Dutt

Filmmaker Karan Johar is has expressed his wish to make a biopic on the legendary actor-filmmaker, Guru Dutt, who was known for being ahead of his time and ushering in the Golden Era of Indian cinema. Johar says, "Making a biopic is something I am really excited about, but it should be on someone who interests me. While it would be challenging to project one's life on celluloid, the personality should be charismatic enough. I would love to make a film on Guru Dutt since I am a huge fan of his." He further adds, "I'd give years of my life to make a movie on him. He is my favourite director. No director can show love and romance the way he did. Guru Dutt's songs were so mesmerising that even today when I listen to them, kuchh kuchh hota hai."

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