Kangana's Katti Batti look revealed!

Kangana Ranaut's new look from her upcoming film Katti Batti is out and we have to admit that she looks lovely in her 'artist' avatar.
While her award winning film Queen saw her make a journey of self-discovery, her character in Katti Batti named Payal is almost like a continuation of that journey. However the actress reveals that her challenge here is to play an introverted girl and couldn't even look anyone in the eye on the sets.
The film is a love story between a middle-class boy (played by Imran Khan) and a rich, bohemian girl. "But as the story unfolds, Payal throws you off. You wonder if she really loves Maddy or is taking him on a ride. The journey of these two starts off on a lighter note but gets deeper emotionally," she says.

Talking about the non-linear narrative in the film, Kangana says,  "In one scene you see her in her late 20s, in the next she's back in her teens followed by a song in her early 20s. For most films I decide in one narration if I want to do it. In this case I had a narration every other day because every scene is like a mini-film."

Taking about her co-stqar Imran Khan she says,  "In many ways he's like me... Naive, straightforward and sometimes a little unsure during a scene. After working with actors who scream on the sets, can't mind their language and run down other actresses in front of me, making me wonder if they do the same behind my back, gentlemanly Imran is a welcome relief."

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