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Kangana: I used to be mocked in the Bollywood industry

Actress Kangana Ranaut is on cloud nine these days after winning her second National Award for Best Actress for her movie Queen. But the Tanu Weds Manu star recently gave a candid interview where she revealed her tough struggle in the industry which she bravely survived to get where she is today.

Kangana spoke about her initial days in Bollywood and how some people in the industry treated her. She said, "At one point, I was ill-treated, considered untouchable and rude things were said to me, despite no provocation from my side. I was mocked for my accent and then they made fun of my dressing sense. And most of all I was crucified for being an outsider in an island full of people with lineage. It was scary."

The 28 year old also opened up and said that even though she is included in the A-listers now, she doesn't regret doing unsuccessful films like Rascals, No Problem and Double Dhamaal. Kangana expressed, "It is very difficult to survive in an expensive city like Mumbai and I was doing whatever work I got. These films are an integral part of my journey, definitely not a reason for regret."

Well, looking at what the talented heroine had to say, when there is will, there is always a way, and Kangana definitely managed to come out on the top after walking on this difficult path. We give our heartiest congratulations to the actress and hope that she keeps following her instincts that give us movies like Queen.

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