Kangana goes Madonna's way!

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, will be playing a tough girl in Tigmanshu Dhulia and Rahul Mittra's Revolver Rani.Her character will have a fetish for guns, revolvers and dramatic lingerie! She will be sporting pop diva Madonna's trademark conical bra in the movie, which will be designed by designer Gavin Miguel.

  The actress will be showing off her lingerie in an aggressive fight sequence in the film. "The designer is drawing inspiration from the boundary-pushing conical bra which made waves in the early '90s," a source reveals.

  The much excited designer, Gavin says, "As a designer, I like to go into the depth of every outfit that I create and as one of the most fashionable celebrities, Kangana enjoys wearing things that aren't just stylish, but different as well. So while we were brainstorming about the bra, we decided to give it the same silhouette as Madonna's conical one. I am excited to exhibit that kind of lingerie in our films."

  The designer wants his end product to be authentic and perfect. He says, "Our prime responsibility was to be authentic. So, I decided to fly down to Italy to handpick the material required for Kangana's lingerie for the film, so that it not only looked glamorous, but also convincing."

  Kangana, who is very excited about her role in the movie reveals, "In Revolver Rani, I play an obsessive woman who has a fetish for guns, revolvers and dramatic lingerie. Gavin is working on the look and I'm excited to start shooting soon."

  We hope, with her unconventional style and acting skills, we will see a very different avatar of Kangana in this film.

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