Kaanchi music review

Kaanchi Re Kaanchi
Sukhwinder Singh goes all out on this feisty title track for Kaanchi. The song opens with birds chirping and a melancholic feels and then the beats come in and we hear thumping of the drums. An introductory song to Kaanchi the track describes the leading lady of the film and her personality. The chorus 'Kaanchi re Kaanchi' is addictive and gets stuck in your head after the very first listen.  The picturisation of the song is beautiful and it only adds up to the value of this first track of the album.
Listen to the song here: http://bajao.biscoot.com/onlinemusic/kaanchi/kaanchi-re-kaanchi-191533


Tu Sab Kuch Re
Sonu Nigam, Anweshaa and Ismail Darbar put together a romantic love ballad. The song is a trademark Sonu track and we get to hear different shades of his mesmerizing voice. Anweshaa's voice is special and unlike any other singer on the radio these days. Her opening notes are beautiful as she harmonises the Sa Re Ga Ma notes. It's a hardcore romantic number of passionate and undying love.
Listen to the song here: http://bajao.biscoot.com/onlinemusic/kaanchi/tu-sab-kuch-re-193083


Main Mushtanda
This is one track that will throw you off! Subhash Ghai has changed the game and brought out a track that has flavours of hip-hop, r&b as well as rap. We all have heard Mika sing before, but on Mushtanda who get to experience a different side of his voice. The track has a lot of personality, swagger and you can't stop tapping your feet to the infectious beats.
Listen to the song here: http://bajao.biscoot.com/onlinemusic/kaanchi/main-mushtanda-193084


Aman Trikha,Sanchita Bhattacharya,Anweshaa and a special cameo by Subhash Ghai makes Koshampa special. A unique track that stands out because of its intriguing lyrics and comparisons, Koshampa sounds like a situational track that has a special place in the film. The word Koshampa has a strange yet catchy sound to it. This one is a grower and it will be interesting to see how its picturised on the big screen.
Listen to the song:  http://bajao.biscoot.com/onlinemusic/kaanchi/kaisa-hai-dard-mera-193086


Kaisa Hai Dard Mera
Ankit Tiwari opens this love lorn track in his trademark style. He makes this song his own. The lyrics might be melancholic and heart breaking, but the tune to this song is melodiously haunting. The song has shades of a few classical beats and showcases Ankit's amazing range. A slow ballad the song has a lot of pain and emotions of loss in it. In the middle of the song we also get to hear the signature beats of the title track. The lyrics are heart touching and extremely personal.
Listen to the song here: http://bajao.biscoot.com/onlinemusic/kaanchi/thumka-193088


Kambal Ke Neeche
A major highlight of the film, Kambal Ke Neeche will get the front benchers and the masses excited! After Choli Ke Peeche, Subhash Ghai creates yet another stand out song in Kaanchi. The lyrics are mischevious and naughty. Ghai pays a tribute to his own compositions and tracks from Pardes and Khalnayak in the song. It's a concept song and extremely playful. The Naagin beat in the background is quite catchy.
Listen to the song:  http://bajao.biscoot.com/onlinemusic/kaanchi/kambal-ke-neeche-193087


Sonu Nigam returns on the Thumka track with Suzzanne DMello with an uptempo club number Thumka. The song has a fusion of Western and Indian beats. The beat is very current and hot, while the melody over the background beat is extremely Indian at heart. Thumka will burn the charts in weeks to come and be played in every night club for sure. Sonu's voice on this song is different than anything we have heard from him in the past.
Listen to the song here: http://bajao.biscoot.com/onlinemusic/kaanchi/koshampa-193085


Hindustan Kahan
A patriotic track Hindustan Kahan has Sukhwinder, Mohit Chauhan and Raj Pandit crooning a tribute to Mother India. There is an element of rock as well as pop in the song. An electric guitar keeps playing in the background as the vocals of these three lead singers soar like an eagle. Lyrics tak about the sentiment of independence and loving your country.
Listen to the song: http://bajao.biscoot.com/onlinemusic/kaanchi/hindustan-kahan-hai-193089


Adiye Adiye
The final track of Kaanchi is playful and catchy.
Sanchita Bhattacharya and Avril Quadros showcase a versatility to their vocals on the song. Again a situational track, it will play out well in the story of the film. The track has a basic beat and chorus, but what makes it special is elements of comedy and humor. There is a part where we hear French and Punjabi in the same line! Go hear Adiye Adiye and be entertained!
Listen to the song here: http://bajao.biscoot.com/onlinemusic/kaanchi/adiye-adiye-193090

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