John - The face of 'People for Animals'

John may be synonymous with his drop dead gorgeous looks and his seductive image, but behind that macho man is a sensitive animal lover. In the past John has been associated with a number of animal welfare issues, but this time the actor will be the face of 'People For Animals' campaign to protect and free horses in Mumbai. He has recently pledged his support to 'People for Animals' in their fight to protect and free horses that are used to pulling the heavy 'Victoria Carriages'. PFA has been working with authorities to push for a ban on these carriages since 2006. PFA has rescued over 10 Victoria horses, exposed the grueling conditions the animals are kept in, filed cases against over loaded carriages and even physically removed spiked bits from horses' mouths. In the year 2011, a NGO known as the Animals and Birds Charitable Trust, filed a PIL (Public-interest litigation) to ban horse carriages. People for Animals intervened in the PIL and have taken the lead on matters in court and largely on the field. Earlier too, he had been instrumental in creating India's first elephant village in Maharashtra, for which he was awarded the Eco Warrior award in 2008. Well, here's hoping that, with John's support PFA will make the campaign stronger and help eliminate this practice.

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