John-Priya's quiet engagement

The couple takes their relationship to another level Have they or haven't they Is the question in everyone’s mind, with B-town buzzing with rumours that John Abraham and Priya Runchal have tied the knot. For several months there has been speculation that John during a visit to the US, had secretly tied the knot with his girlfriend. While there was no verification of the same, recently a close friend of the actor revealed to us that the rumour was indeed true and they have got engaged.

Our source reveals, “John and Priya had a small ceremony last year where they exchanged rings. It was just his family and hers. There were no friends as they wanted to keep this an intimate affair. John is in his happiest place after a long time and is truly thrilled to have Priya in his life. He got her a really big diamond ring which she has been showing off to all her friends. "It seems that John and Bipasha Basu broke up a long time before they went public about it."John had Priya to fall back on when the break up happened. She was there for him not just as his girlfriend but also someone he can talk to and share his emotions," the source further adds.

Those who have interacted with Priya call her a strong independent girl, who is confident and sure of herself. "John is extremely attracted to her confidence. He goes to her for all kinds of support. They are also planning to launch a joint production company in the coming months. In fact she is already working with him behind the scenes on his upcoming project Madras Café,” the source says.  Even though there won't be any announcement or any official confirmation from John or Priya, close friends are already celebrating their union.

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