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John gets slammed on twitter for World Cup commentary

John Abraham, who is a football enthusiast and an owner of a franchise in the upcoming Indian Super League, disappointed his fans with his skills as a commentator during the pre-show event of FIFA World Cup.

The actor, who was lucky to be a part of the commentator panel on prime time along side Gaurav Kapoor, England footballer Peter Crouch and French star Mikael Silvestre was slammed by the nation, as people took to Twitter and other social media sites to express their disappointment last night. Here are some funny jokes on the two that did the rounds and continue to do so! Take a look:

Mayukh Choudhury- Gaurav Kapur & John Abraham on #CafeRio = Robert Vadra & Rahul Gandhi discussing economics! still shocked. #FootBallFever #BrazilvsCroatia.
Sanath Varma- India's contribution to #Fifa .. Gaurav Kapoor & John Abraham... sigh!!

Naad- As I thought Gaurav Kapoor will be trending and now he is. Looks like college kids managing @SonySIX Disappointed by ur panel.
Guess even Bollywood directors and politicians were not happy with the choice of host or guests for Cafe Rio. Here's what they had to say for John and Gaurav Kapur!

Kunal Kohli-#openingceremony seriously?! #sonysix girl gives #John a mini bike?! & Whts Gaurav K talking abt?! Get Baichung Bhutia instd of GK.
John Abraham as football pundit explains a lot why we are sulking at 154th rank. #India #FifaWorldCup #Brasil2014 #caferio #BRAvsCRO

Shoojit Sircar- Bappi da shd hv been FIFA official singer... Better singer & entertainer:)

0mar Abdullah- I agree Indians are not much passionate about FIFA as much as other countries. But that doesn't mean that Gaurav Kapoor will host anything.

Raj Thackeray-DAFAQ?#BrazilvsCroatia #FootBallFever #Neymar #CafeRio #OpeningCeremony Spain vs Netherlands Gaurav Kapoor Peter CrouchJohn Abraham.

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