Jiah Khan suicide: New details revealed.

The Mumbai police had interrogated late actress Jiah Khan's boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi. Now, the officials have started searching for evidences pointing towards abetting suicide. The case has taken a new turn now. Police found the inbox of Sooraj's cell-phone's empty, whereas on the other hand, some messages have been obtained from Jiah's phone. However, the SMS processing in Jiah's phone is going slow as most of them are password-locked.
  Sooraj, who was in quite a shock with his girlfriend's suicide, accompanied her to the kabaristan. A source says, "Suraj wanted to see Jiah before she makes her last journey. So the family first went home and then accompanied them to the kabrastan."
  According to a close source, the couple had got into an argument earlier this week. Jiah, who had bagged some new films, wanted to meet her boyfriend in person to convey him the good news. However, Sooraj sent a bouquet through his house help and cited an appointment with his family jeweler as the reason behind his absence. But another source tells us that Jiah called the jeweler, who denied meeting Sooraj. Jiah then accused Sooraj of lying so he could meet another girl, at which point an argument broke out.
  Police reports cited that Sooraj sent a message saying that she had made his 'life a prison' by 'spying on him' in abusive language. Out of anger, Jiah had thrown the bouquet out of her window and hanged herself just after the message.

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