Jayaraj's Bride Creates Magic

The latest Jayaraj movie 'Bride' will feature Arun Shankar and Pankaja in lead roles. The movie will be a love story pictured in the historic locales of Rajasthan. The movie also features Baburaj, Sabitha Jayaraj, Binu and Neha Ramesh in supporting roles. The movie is currently being shot in Rajasthan. Jayaraj is known for creating a regal movie experience on screen. The storyline of Bride is about a girl who meets a Rajput guy on while she is on a college trip to Rajasthan. The Rajput boy's charisma and appearance makes her fall for him. The rest of the plot revolves around how she tries to woo him. The leading roles are played by new actors. Shankar Mohan's son Arun Shankar will play the male lead as the Rajput prince and the lovely Pankaja will be playing the college girl. Suresh Ranjan is handling the cinematography and apparently the best part of the film will be a shot against the backdrop of the Pushkar Mela which is one of the world's largest camel fairs. The fair gathers around 1 lakh people from all over due to its extravagant attractions.

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