Is Sonam peeved by all her Bollywood buddies?

Bollywood hottie Sonam Kapoor has had tough month as she was diagnosed with Swine Flu and was admitted in the hospital for several days for the treatment. Even though she is back on track now and has resumed shooting, the illness cost a high deal to the her personally and professionally. But there is one outcome in this ordeal that she is glad about.

Sonam was recently heard saying in an interview that when she was going through this, there was only one true friend from Bollywood that came in to see how she was doing and that is her BFF Jacqueline Fernandez. The Dolly Ki Doli actress said, "Jacqueline Fernandez came to visit me when I was unwell. She braved the virus and came with masks on and sat there with me to make me feel better, because I was in isolation and was quite depressed, exhausted and sick."

Now this example of true friendship surely gives it back to the all who say that 'actresses cannot be friends', right?

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