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Is Shahid over-sharing a little too much of himself?

Bollywood hottie Shahid Kapoor is quite in demand these days after his last power-packed success, Haider. But it seems like the actor is making up for the time he lost lying low, as he is constantly showing his self-obsessed side on his Instagram account.

The star who is now shooting for Udta Punjab, has been posting photos of everything on the internet, from his look in the film, to his work-out session. Recently Sasha posted this picture of himself, looking a little too muscled in the white tank with his bicep veins popping out. He has also made it a common knowledge that he will be sporting a head-bun, which he has named fun-bun, in the movie. And the latest addition to his obsession is this photo where he has a blue hair streak in Udta Punjab.

We get it Shahid, you are excited to be the center of attention again, but isn't all this a little too much?

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