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Is Arjun the reason behind Sonakshi and Sonam's new bond?

A recent charity fashion show, saw the two hotties of B-town Sonam Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha, bonding big time backstage. Word is that they bumped into each other and decided to hang-out until they were called out on the stage. But what do you think is the real reason behind this bond? Speculation says that the two starlets were busy talking about their common factor, Arjun Kapoor!

We all know that Sonakshi and Arjun have been in a secretive relationship since their movie Tevar and Sonam being the actor's close cousin sister, Miss Sinha thought to create a nice rapport with her. The actresses were said to be involved in deep converstaions during the short amount amount of time they were together. We wonder if Arjun should be glad or scared by this friendly meeting between his sister and his alleged girlfriend.

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