Is Arjun over confident about Roy?

Vikramjit Singh's directorial debut with 'Roy' is all set to hit the cinemas this Friday. While the cast is super excited with the way the film has shaped up, it's been Arjun Rampal  who seems to be splurging his excitement the most. Being optimistic about the film, the actors feels that the movie has all the potential to hit the bulll's eye at the box office, however, he also seems to have gone from confident to over-confident.

There are reports that Arjun has re-worked his remuneration for his future projects. According to sources close to  he him, the National Award he won for 'Rock On' and the quality of films that Arjun has signed recently have given him reasons to hike his market price. "I don’t think anyone else has a right to comment on it. An actor knows the work he has done, his fan following and his box office status. Arjun has been around for years and he has every right to ask for what he thinks he rightly deserves," says the close source.

The actor's sudden decision comes just a few days before the release of 'Roy'. Arjun is supposed to start shooting for a movie based on Arun Gawli's life. Even as a certain section of the industry feels that it's a risk taking decision on Arjun's part to hike his fees at this point in his career, the actor has been making efforts to explain his reasons to producers.

We only wonder whether or not Arjun's decision will work for him.?

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