Is Aamir worried Kat might steal focus?

Katrina Kaif has lately been in the limelight for her rollicking personal life. In spite of just one big release this year in Dhoom3, the actress has been asked to stay away from the Dhoom 3 trailer launch that will take place today.

Right from its inception, the makers of the film have tried to keep it under wraps, revealing no extra information. Nobody apart from Aditya Chopra and Aamir Khan know what's going on with the film. Sources say that apparently keeping the female lead away might add to the curiosity and that's why they don't want Katrina to talk to the media just as yet.

But we wonder if that's the real reason of keeping Kat away from the limelight. Rumours have it that Aamir is afraid of Katrina's personal life becoming a hotter topic at the trailer launch than the film itself! So is that why Kat is being left out of the trailer launch?

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