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Indipop singer, Baba Sehgal inspires us to hit the gym!

The 1st Indian rapper to jump on the indipop bandwagon, the very iconic, Baba Sehgal steals the show once again! The flamboyant man is doing what he does best and as always his creation can be termed as 'novel'.

Baba's new song 'Going To The Gym' is epic and certainly inspires us to hit the gym! The track is written and performed by the man himself and features Ashima Singh. 'GTTG' narrates the common man's story which is full of dilemmas! In this fast paced, super busy lives, rare ones give attention and priority to their health and body. Mr. Sehgal urges us in a sarcastic way with ample of humour to sweat it out and reap the benefits. We are the best example to represent the masses who are full of a zillion excuses to not work out; however, this song in a funny way makes you think and brings all our cribbings to the forefront.

This time around Baba's innovation has exceeded expectations; GTTG video has gone viral in a short span of time and has attained 1 Million views. No wonder, the popular playback singer is bestowed upon with the title 'King of Rap'. 'Going To The Gym' screams 'Baba Sehgal' in more ways than one! This crazy number triggers and provides one with an unmatched high. Now Get going folks! Will you?!

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