Imran Khan gets inked for the second time

Imran Khan recently got inked for the second time. And this time around he has got his favourite superhero Batman's tattoo on his arm. Well-known Kazakh artist Akula in Goa converted the actor's perception into magnificent artwork.

A source informs, "He flew to Goa to meet Akula, and shared the concept with her. He wanted something with elements of Batman. She drew out a few designs based on his brief and he selected one. He got the tattoo on his right arm. It took about four hours to finish."

The actor already has a sun inked on his neck, and plans to get his first baby's name inked after its birth.

The source further adds, "This has a deep significance for him. Perhaps, something to do with him soon becoming a father. It is something he has done for himself and not because everyone is getting a tattoo or it's considered cool to get it. He believes Batman is the the coolest superhero. When his wife Avantika saw the tattoo she loved it and thought it was pretty cool."

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