I'm a very big brand, I'm like an Asha Bhosle!

The very famous and reputed Bollywood playback singer today, Abhijeet Bhattacharya has carved a niche for himself into the hearts of his million fans through a body of extraordinary work and effortless charm. The versatile artist has to his credits some of the smashing hits of his times and is fondly remembered for the same. Abhijeet Da has sung over 600 songs in more than 400 films.

The ever so jovial superstar, Abhijeet is certainly an established name in the industry, however, he does not shy away from voicing his opinions as and when the need arise. The talented man hates hypocrisy and is not afraid of speaking his mind irrespective of it's consequences. As a matter of fact, the singer states that music is not the means to earn his bread and butter and that his thriving business of real estate is what he falls back on which is why he believes in calling a spade a spade.

While talking of insecurities, the supercool singer brushes off every competition and says, "I've established myself in the industry long back. I don't need to shout from the rooftop and say which film I am singing in next. It's not for me to do that, I am not such an insecure singer. I'm a very big brand. I am like an Asha Bhosle, who doesn't have to enumerate her accomplishments. There are too many to be counted."

The melodious singer is also of the opinion that the time of dignified and stylish voices is over and thinks that today every one, with the voice of a street-beggar, is singing in the name of Sufi genre. Well, this man is way too straightforward! Commendable, we may say!

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