I will not marry a girl of dad's choice!

Shahid Kapoor has denied that his father, veteran actor and filmmaker Pankaj Kapur, has been looking for a girl for his marriage; he said that he will choose his life partner and not anyone else.
Off late, there were rumours about Pankaj Kapur searching for a girl for his son's marriage in Punjab. Apparently, Pankaj wants his son to settle down soon, but looks like the actor is in no hurry to get hitched soon.
"I can promise you that my father is not looking for any girl for me. When I read that article I was shooting for Haider in Kashmir and my father was shooting for Finding Fanny in Goa. And according to the article my father was in Punjab... So no truth in it," Shahid said in an interview.
"He (father) goes there (Punjab) because some of our family and his spiritual guru is there. People are drawing a different meaning out of it. He will never take the pressure on himself (of looking for a girl), because I am quite finicky. And I like making my own choices. I will not marry a girl of father's choice, because he doesn't have to stay with the girl, I have to stay. And he knows this thing," Shahid further added.

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