I, Me Aur Main: Breezy and romantic

Shubha Shetty-Saha

Stars: ***

Romance and relationships are tricky subjects to handle, we know. And the debut director Kapil Sharma handles this in a simple, uncluttered manner and that surprisingly turns out to be the USP of the film. Ishaan Sabharwal (John Abraham) is an ambitious, cocky music producer in a music company, CMC. He is not a bad guy in a malicious way, but is too self absorbed to even think for others or value others’ opinions.  He is good looking, a woman magnet and he very well knows that and uses it to his benefit, without stopping to think if he’s stepping on any sensitive toes. He has a comfortable life with his crazily in love with him lawyer girlfriend, Anushka (Chitrangada Singh), who not only lets him stay in her house but also puts up with his obnoxious behavior time and again. To Ishaan’s credit, he doesn’t even know that he’s hurting people in the process of pampering himself and his ego. A contemporary hero like this perhaps rarely seen on screen before. And you know of characters like this off screen too. In fact, it reminds you of most Indian men, pampered by their mums enough to think they are the centre of universe. That’s what makes this film relate-able, even as Anushka, an independent woman realizes her boyfriend’s flaws but just can’t seem to get him out of her life. Finally when Anushka does reluctantly manage to get him out of her life and apartment, he promptly falls for his new chatty neighbour, Gauri (Prachi Desai). His mother (Zareena Wahab) approves too. But a set of circumstances lead to complexity and confusion.

What works for the film is the director's treatment of it in an uncluttered and breezy way. And it doesn’t fall into the trap of getting too mushy. In fact, it seems like the love story that any of us or in our immediate surrounding could be going through. And that scores a big brownie point for the film. The characters are contemporary and practical, especially Anushka’s who puts up a lot for someone she loves but the moment she realises it is not working out, she gives up, just like that. Another pleasant surprise is John Abraham’s performance, who is pretty convincing as an charming cad but a bloody good looking one at that. Gauri’s character, however, lacked depth and consistency and sometimes comes across as shallow and irritating. Chitrangada might have disappointed us in her “glamorous” roles in the recent past, but in this film she gets back her groove as she portrays the character of a woman foolish in love but practical enough to know the pitfalls.

There might not be much of a screenplay to boast of, but in totality, this one’s a delightful package and a must watch once.

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