Hrithik considers his sons as his inspiration!

Hrithik Roshan recently won the brand visionary award and the acceptance of the award was also an occasion for him to give people a sneak peak of what's inside the man. The star, while speaking to the audience revealed that whatever he has achieved is all thanks to his kids. The superstar also said that he was fearful of many things during his childhood.
Hrithik said, "I lived in a box and in that box were all my handicaps, my challenges and difficulties. I never imagined that there could be a life without fear." He further added that it was his kids who inspired him to believe that impossible is nothing and that every problem whether it is physical or mental, has a solution. On a more philosophical note the superstar also said that he believes, that a disabled spirit is the worst of all handicaps. Hrithik also revealed the fact that both his sons Hrehaan and Hridhaan are excellent snowboarders and Hrehaan,apart from being a snowboarder is also a scuba diver.

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