Ghaghre me dhoom dhaam!

Yes, don't rub your eyes. It is the 'serious' Aamir Khan in gasp, a colourful ghaghra! You want to know why A amir decided to get into a ladies attire? Read on.

The snaps are leaked out from the sets of Aamir starrer Peekay, being directed by Rajkumar Hirani. The shooting is currently going on in Jaipur, Rajasthan. According to the grapevine, Aamir plays an alcoholic in the film (now that should explain the strange title of the film, Peekay) and he suffers from memory loss after an accident. Could that be the memory lapse that makes Aamir's character get into a shimmery yellow ghaghra and an old school  transistor.

After a lot of hiccups and delays, the shooting for Peekay finally started in February 2013 with a 45 day filming schedule.

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