Gauhar refuses to resume Bigg Boss

After the big drama in the Bigg Boss house where Kushal and Gauhar staged a walk out, the channel officials have put them up in a 5 star resort in Lonavala where the shoot takes place. Sources reveal that senior management from the channel has been in talks with Gauhar asking her to go back inside the house and resume her stay in the house. Technically it was only Kushal who was asked to leave the house due to his violent outrage towards Andy. Gauhar voluntarily decided to leave the house with him. A source says, "Gauhar's contract demands that she goes back on the show as she hasn't been evicted either by Bigg Boss or the people's votes. However, she is refusing to go inside due to health reasons." There is talk that Salman might intervene and ask Gauhar to get back in as a wild card contestant. Other new participants who are scheduled to join the show are Sophia Hyatt, Candy Brar and Ajaz Khan who are already in the caravan section of the house.

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