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Gabbar's 'Coffee Peetey' lands in a bitter controversy

Akshay Kumar's upcoming vigilante movie Gabbar Is Back is all about justice and doing what is right. But looks like the makers of the film are not practicing what they preach. The movie has landed in a controversy as the lead singer, Sanam Puri of the romantic song 'Coffee Peetey' starring Akki and Shruti Haasan, is upset with the production house for not giving him credit for the song.

When the track came out recently, Sanam was shocked to see his name eliminated from the singers list. Dev Negi's name is there instead of Sanam's even though it is the latter's voice in the song. An infuriated Sanam says, "It's really disappointing. I recorded the song two months ago and at that time the Gabbar team was really happy with it. I don't know what happened in the interim. But they eventually released my version without giving me the credit. Now only my regular listeners will know it's me, the rest think the voice is Dev's. It's so unfair." He added that he had tried to contact the production house to clarify the situation but got no response.

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