Did Salman advise Sooraj to leave Jiah?

Ever since Jiah Khan's suicide has happen, the case is witnessing major twists and turns, some shocking ones too. On Monday evening Sooraj was arrested by police on charges of abetting Jiah's suicide. But now comes another shocking twist from her mother Rabiya Khan.
In an interview to a tabloid, Jiah's mother Rabiya Amin Khan has revealed that Salman had tried to talk Sooraj out of his relationship with Jiah Khan, on Aditya Pancholi's request. She said, "Aditya told Salman Khan about Jiah and Suraj's affair, and he tried to talk Suraj out of it. But Suraj told Salman that he loved Jiah and Salman was then cool about it."
We have to wait and watch what Salman has to say about Jiah's mother's allegation 

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