Deepika kisses Ranveer's ex-flame, Anushka!

The 'Happy New Year' actress, Deepika Padukone seems to be truly happy and is geared up to spread the sunshine all around. Recently, the dusky beauty met the NH10 star, Anushka Sharma at the censor board meeting that took place between the Bollywood stars and the minister of Information and Broadcasting. Without a shred of doubt, the critics and audiences loved Anushka's performance in her home production - NH10;  However,  Anushka has now also won herself a new admirer in none other than the lovely Deepika.

Ms. Padukone, in admiration and appreciation planted a tight kiss on Anushka's cheek!  This PDA has certainly put all the rumours of the past to rest that talked about a cold war between the two actresses. It seems like they have mended their relationship and got off to a fresh start. Deepika conveyed her best wishes and complimented Anushka that she loved her thriller movie.

Interestingly, in the past, Anushka has supported Deepika's stand to fight against depression. Anushka had said, "When Deepika spoke about her depression, people wrote so many things about her. She was doing it for a larger cause. Catherine Zeta Jones is dealing with bipolar disorder. Do people write such things about her." Adding to this, on the popular show hosted by Karan Johar, Deepika had also termed Anushka as a 'friend' which had surprised Karan at that point in time.  

The B-town divas have finally buried their past and have been supporting and appreciating one another. Looks like it's 'sisterhood' calling!

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