Dared to bare & regret

These women dared to bare and ended up in the centre of a scandal' Pooja Bhatt: By now we know that all that works in Hollywood need not work here in Bollywood. Pooja Bhatt learnt it the hard way. When Demi Moore, heavily pregnant, painted herself nude for a magazine cover, our bold and brazen actress Pooja Bhatt decided to do a desi version. She allowed herself to appear only spray painted for a cover and all hell broke loose. Pooja Bhatt, already known for controversies with numerous boyfriends got involved in yet another one. The controversy died a natural death, later. Milind Soman and Madhu Sapre: It was a path breaking ad for a shoe brand, and the madly in love with each other supermodel couple, Milind Soman and Madhu Sapre didn't think twice before doing it. After all, they just had to pose nude with tuff shoes in their feet and a serpent going round their body. They obviously didn't anticipate the trouble the ad would bring them, the advertising agency, the brand and the magazines that carried the commercial. Years later, Milind and Madhu were no longer together, the brand had disappeared from the market, but the court case went on, till recently. The couple only saw each other sometimes in the court. Mamta Kulkarni: Mamta Kulkarni, treaded where no one else dared to. She made bold decisions and stuck to them with a defiant pride. But in 1993, she shocked everyone when she appeared on the cover of a film magazine, topless, with only her arms covering her breasts. The magazine did phenomenal sales, but Mamta was sued left right and centre by moralists, who claimed their sensibilities were offended. Mamta was least bit perturbed. She called them Hypocrites and managed to get out of the case, by paying a fine. Pooja Bedi Her bohemian mother, Protima Bedi had created the mother of scandals at her time when she chose to run naked on a beach one fine morning. Daughter Pooja Bedi managed to create her own controversy when she along with the top model of that time, Marc Robinson appeared to be what seemed like making love for a condom commercial. The Kamasutra ad had the couple in a series of intimate ads and a lot of feathers were ruffled by them. But it only ended up making Pooja and Mark famous.

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