Crazy fan's antics to meet Aamir Khan

We have often heard of various fan frenzy stories but this is something totally crazy.
A diehard Aamir Khan fan,  Kishore Kumar cycled for the distance of about 1700 kms, all the way from Ranchi to Mumbai to meet his icon Aamir Khan. After cycling for so long, he spent two days and two nights at the Khar Police station, refusing to leave the city until he got to meet Aamir. Finally the police officers relented and informed Aamir’s wife Kiran Rao about this.  Kishore was finally ushered into Aamir’s apartment on Saturday morning. During the conversation Kishore brought up various issues that the country is facing. Aamir spent nearly an hour to convince him to cycle back to Ranchi, says the source.

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