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CityLights actress Patralekha says marriage is boring!

Patralekha, who is making her debut with Mahesh Bhatt's production, CityLights, talks about her boyfriend cum co-star Rajkummar Rao,  intimate scenes and why she is in no hurry to get hitched.

Q. What's the reaction from the industry been like?
Ans: Well we are getting very good responses. I felt so happy when Alia, Vidya ma'am and Aditya came down for the screening and told me they loved the film. Also, day before yesterday when I was in Delhi, a women came and hug me and started crying, I felt so incredible that my character touched them. I am very nervous, I don't know how this Friday will change my life. I hope the way our film fraternity has accepted the film, people will also go and watch it.

Q. How did you bag this role?
Ans: There was a lot of hard work in bagging this role. You know in life nothing comes easy. I had 5-6 rounds of auditions. It was the casting director who had called me and asked me to come down for the audition. So there were 3-4 rounds of auditions done, because Hansal sir liked some, didn't like some and he wanted to re-audition me. And eventually the last call was made by Hansal sir.

Q Tell us about your character in the film?
Ans: Rakhi Singh is married to Deepak Singh and they live in Rajasthan and they think if they shift to Mumbai they will get a better life. And when they come to Mumbai they realize that their life is not so easy. So Rakhi's character is how a village woman is in reality, which is taking care of their house hold works, khana banana and looking after the family. Rakhi also does that, but once she realises that it's getting difficult, she takes charge and gets a job for herself and eventually becomes a bar dancer.

Q. So did you visit any dance bar to prepare for your role?
Ans: No, I didn't visit any dance bar as we didn't get that much time. But Hansal sir gave me enough of information, the casting director and AD have sort of visited the dance bars and they kind of came and told me on how they behave, dress up and perform, which sort of helped me to get into my character.

Q. How comfortable were you performing intimate scenes in the film?
Ans: Actually it's not a big thing. I don't know if others are comfortable, but most of the actresses do it in films. Also, we don't take it seriously as it is not our personal life that we are showing onscreen. We are playing characters, it's not like we are showing erotica or sleazy scenes!

Q. It was reported that Alia Bhatt had tears when she saw the film...
Ans: Yes, she told me I would have never got a better debut than this. And said I have done good work in my first film.

Q. What do you think about Alia's success in such a short span of time?
Ans: She is a superstar and a patakka. After Student Of The Year and Highway she became a household name. I think she can do every kind of film that comes to her. In fact I could not take my eyes off her from the trailer of Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania, she is truly an amazing actor.

Q. Whom do you see as your competitors from the younger lot?
Ans: I don't see any of them as my competitors. They are different individuals - like Alia, Parineeti and Shraddha - you can't compete with them, they are so amazing at their work, they are phenomenal. So competition is not at all what I am looking for and also I am a new girl. If Alia comes and hugs me it's more than enough for me.

Q. Any qualms about wearing a bikini in future projects?
Ans: I don't see anything wrong in it. I wear bikinis in my personal life, so it's not a big thing. Everybody wears one, so I don't know why is there so much of noise about it.

Q: When are you and Rajkummar planning to get married?
Ans: (Laughs) I am just 25 I think it's too early and I am not here to get married. And what after marriage, it is so boring. I don't think I will get married before 35.

Q. Why should audience go and watch the film?
Ans: Firstly, it's my debut film. Secondly, we are so greedy about things, like we want a big house, a big car, so when you watch this film you will be happy with what you have and you will start enjoying life. Lastly, CityLights features two national award winning people. So yes go watch the film, because they have an immense credibility and you will love it.

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