'Chittagong' awarded in the US

Manoj Bajpayee starrer movie 'Chittagong' has made its director Bedabrata Pain proud again. The critically acclaimed movie has won the Audience Choice Awards 2013 at the Sedona International Film Festival, in the US.
  The award was a tie between Bedabrata Pain's 'Chittagong' and Hollywood movie 'Least among Saints'. The movie had also won the Radio Mirchi Music Award 2012 for the song 'Bolo Na'. The film portrays the story of a 14 year old boy 'Jhunku' in times of the 1930s Chittagong Uprising.
  'Chittagong' will also be screened at the ongoing Cinequest Film Festival on 7th March and 9th March 2013. Bedabrata Pain will be present for a question and answer round after the movie.

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