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Check out this secret detail in The Girl on The Train

The Girl On The Train movie is all set to hit the theaters soon. The film is has majorly stuck to the writings of Paula Hawkin's. However the director of the film,  Steven Spielberg has made slight changes in it to enhance the look of the flick.

The flick is adaptation of the novel, but the changes made are quite minute. The changes in it have given the movie a different touch all together. The only thing that has been switched in the movie is the location. In the book the story was set in London, whereas in the movie the location has been changed to New York. Other than location nothing has been changed, as the director of the movie didn't wanted to loose the feel.

The Girl on the Train is a psychological mystery thriller about a woman whose curiosity about a house she can see from her train carriage leads her into a missing person's inquiry.

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