Censorship is no big deal for Saif Ali Khan

There has been a lot of talking about the news rules, bought in action by the CBFC members and the Chief of Board Mr. Pankaj Nehlani. At a recent event, Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan finally broke his silence and spoke on the topic.
As a producer's point of view, Saif said, "We can work around censorship, we have always done that. The important thing is that we should try and make good films. I don’t think censorship is responsible for us to not make as good films as we could. It is not a big issue for me."
The actor also cleared all the speculations that revolved around his mother Sharmila Tagore who was the Censor Board chief in the past. He said "My mother was a very good Censor chief and she is a responsible person. She is not lenient to people just because they are family members."

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