Censor strikes Satyagraha!

Earlier, director Prakash Jha had to cut a whole scene, which was taking a dig at the Prime Minister. And now the director has been ordered by the Censor Board to remove the Hindi abusive word 'ch***iya'. In Satyagraha the word is used by Manoj Bajpayee, who plays the role of a politician.
Apparently, Prakash would have been allowed to retain that one abusive term if he had agreed to take an 'A' certificate. But to get a U/A certificate, the filmmaker has removed that abusive word in Satyagraha.
Talking on the same the director says, "Satyagraha is my first film where the censors cut nothing in the visuals and practically nothing in the dialogues either. So I'm happy. As for the one word that I had to replace, who knows why it was found objectionable?'

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