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Censor board won't give U/A certificate to Bombay Velvet

The Censor Board of Certification in India is stilling giving many directors sleepless nights. And the latest one to worry about the CBFC is film-maker Anurag Kashyap whose movie Bombay Velvet releases on the 15th of May. The film was presented to the board and the makers had asked for a U/A certificate but were passed only with an A one.

The board has asked some abusive phrases to be edited from the movie and to tone down some action scenes. Word is that Anurag is a little apprehensive about it as he thinks the 100-crore budgeted movie will suffer in its box-office collections, if the audience is limited only to the adults. The director said, "There is absolutely nothing in the film that warrants an 'A' certificate. We are going to the Revising Committee. I have more faith in the CBFC's Revising Committee. Let's see how it goes." Well, seeing the recent strictness of the censor board, we wish Anurag is the one to change the course of how things are going.

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