Celebs on Boston blasts

As the world wakes up to the tragic images of this morning’s Boston marathon blasts, celebs took to social networking sites to react

  Here are a few of the tweets:

Kunal Kohli: #boston blasts. Obama vows justice.He will.And he won't take 20 years.

#boston blast. The person/s who did it belong to only one religion/organisation.Terror.
Neha Dhupia: Stay strong #Boston Our hearts are with Boston and all of those affected.

Sania Mirza: What is the matter with this world?Its disgusting that we live in a world where u can't go for a run without risking ur life #Boston

Lisa Ray: What a day. Speechless #Boston
Vishal Dadlani: Mankind, polarised by religion and politics, turns upon itself once again. #Boston
Anjana Sukhani: My prayers for the families of #BostonMarathon not a day goes by whr smwhr in the world innocent ppl loose their lives . Sad

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