Bipasha binges while Bebo cringes

Bipasha Basu and Kareena Kapoor are two Bollywood divas who are the subject of envy for all women, owing to their svelte figures and curves. But it sure takes a lot to stay in shape!   Bipasha, who is also called the Bong bombshell of Bollywood and is also known for her strict fitness regime, couldn’t stop herself from gorging on sweets on a recent trip to Kolkata.  According to sources, Bipasha hogged on her favourite mithai and pastries. In fact, she ended up eating so much that Bips was actually worried and about putting up weight and decided not to touch sweets for another 6 months.   On the other hand, Kareena Kapoor followed a strict diet and starved herself for a whole day when she was shooting for an ad. Sources tell us Kareena kept herself on a strict diet eating only special diet biscuits. Bebo, who seems to have put on some weight lately, has decided to be strict with her diet and watch her weight.   Well Kareena, we salute you for your restraint. As for Bips, we have our fingers crossed and dearly hope she doesn’t get out of shape.

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