Bilal: I got a nod of approval from Salman

Biscoot B-Now recently caught up with Bilal Amrohi , who is all set to make his debut in Bollywood with Atul Agnihotri's production O Teri . The actor talks about his experience working with Salman and answers a rapid fire round in this exclusive chit chat!

1. The film recently had a special screening. Did you receive any compliments from the people who have seen the film?
Bilal: Whoever has seen the film has been very kind to me. And yeah I am overwhelmed with their compliments. Salman Bhai gave me a nod of approval and that means a lot to me.

2. What is O Teri about?
Bilal: It's about two reporters who are innocent and dumb and their research doesn't allow them to come up with big stories and doesn't help them get ahead in life. And the story is about how these two reporters do get ahead in life and discover the scam that their channel head tells them to go and discover. So I think when the scams about the politician and the villains come up that is their "O Teri ki O Teri ki moment" which happens, and how they become heroic towards the end.

3. Were you comfortable sharing screen space with Pulkit, knowing that there are two heroes in the film?
Bilal: I think Pulkit made me comfortable. He is so secure as an actor and is so confident. He is a Delhi boy and my character in the film is a Delhi person so yeah he helped me to get me into character, especially the Delhi accent. I am glad and too grateful to work with him.

4.You and Pulkit have danced with Salman Khan for a promotional song. How was that experience?
Bilal: For me the exciting moment was standing in the same frame next to Salman Bhai. I was initially very nervous when I was standing beside him and had to give the shot. But then Bhai realized that we were getting a little intimidating then made the environment easier, joked and laughed with us. And yeah it was blast shooting for the song.

5.How often do you say O Teri?
Bilal: (Laughs) Actually today I am going to a do a tazbi of O Teri and I am not going to stop saying O teri. ( Laughs) I am waiting for the audience reactions and I am nervous excited! 

6. One quality of Salman you know and probably people don't know about that?
Bilal: Bhai is an open book. I see him as the most honest person, he says what he has in his heart. I hope that I am that honest as he is.

Rapid Fire Round:

One dream role?
Baaghi ( Salman's role as Saajan)

One actress you want to work with?
I like them all but I like Deepika Padukonde.

One song which you listen to everyday?
O Teri O Teri ( Laughs)

If not this industry, where would you be?
(Thinks) I am here only, in whatever capacity if not this industry, I don't have very many talents. I'd probably be opening doors at hotels.

One film you want to be a part of?
I am a big fan of Ranbir Kapoor. I think he is fabulous. And yeah probably I would love to do Barfi.

Lastly why should audience go and watch O Teri?
Please I beg you all please go and watch the film. It's full of entertainment, we have a nice message in the end of it.

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