Big actresses, bold moves

Actresses who followed their heart and lived life in their own terms.
Devika Rani, was a superstar of the 30s. She was married to film-maker Himanshu Rai but it so happened that she fell in love with the hero of her film, Najmul Hassan. She let her heart rule and she eloped with Hassan even when the film was being shot. Himanshu Rai, was obviously upset with the developments. He had a professional and personal set back considering that the hero and heroine of his film had disappeared and also his wife had eloped with another man. Soon after, Devika rani realized that she made the wrong decision and she returned to her husband. Himanshu Rai forgave her and took her back not only in his life but also in the movie. However, Hassan was dropped from the film and Ashok Kumar was signed in his place.
Meena Kumari: The tragedy queen has had a tragic personal life too. She was married to Kamal Amrohi but apparently their marriage was not really something that gave happiness to Meena Kumari. Meena is said to have had a relationship with lyricist Gulzar and actor Dharmendra. It is said that even after Dharmendra and she broke off, she was obsessed by him and most of her conversations were dotted with the mention of the hunky hero. Meena Kumari, unfortunately took to alcohol when her sensitive heart got broken once too many. Later, it was excess alcohol which is said to have killed her.
Mumtaz, the pug nosed sex symbol of the 70s never really hid her affection. She was said to be absolutely in love with Rajesh Khanna, even though he never really acknowledged about it. Khanna is said to be not sure and refused to commit to Mumtaz. But Mumtaz is said to be so smitten by him that she is said to have taken a break from movies when Rajesh Khanna married Dimple Kapadia. She married Dr. Mayur Madhwani. Earlier, Shammi Kapoor was in love with her and she was in love with him too. Shammi wanted to marry her and he wanted her to quit films but she couldn’t because she had the responsibility of her family.

Hema Malini happened to fall in love with the much married man, Dharmendra, even when the whole world was in love with her. She stuck to the man she loved even though he was in no position to give her commitment because of his married status. He was also the father of three children. After much turbulence, Dharmendra married her and in spite of being the other woman, she managed to maintain her dignity because of her faith in her love.
Rekha  She perhaps made some wrong choices in men, but she always allowed her heart to make life’s decisions for her. She went through her share of trauma in love life, from an apparent unacknowledged long standing love relationship with Amitabh Bachchan, a short term affair with Vinod Mehra (some say she was even secretly married to him) and also her tragic marriage to businessman, Mukesh Agarwal, who later committed suicide.
Dimple Kapadia  has had a pretty traumatic life as far as her personal life is concerned too.  She fell in love with Rishi Kapoor, but it is said that Raj Kapoor was against their romance. At the tender age of sixteen, she chucked her career to marry the reigning superstar of that time, Rajesh Khanna. Two daughters later, she had to separate from the man due to irreconcilable differences.  She single handedly brought up the children, even when making a comeback to films after a gap of many years. It is said, that she found a steady companion in Sunny Deol, who cannot offer her marriage because he is a married man with children. According to sources, Dimple and Sunny are still together, after so many years.
Shridevi was such a great beauty but she wasn’t really lucky in her love life. As fate would have it, Shridevi would invariably fall for men who were unavailable and would end up having to let them go. It is said that Shridevi fell in love with Kamal Haasan who was then already married to Vani Ganpathy. Later she’s said to have fallen madly in love.

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