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As cricket gets murkier by the day and the nation stands in shock over the recent IPL spot-fixing revelations, the latest news of Vindoo Dara Singh getting arrested for alleged links to bookies has led to a new Twitter trend. It's raining jokes and sarcasm on social networking platforms. Here are some hilarious tweets (no offense intended!)
If Vindoo Dara Singh is a Bollywood 'star', Shah Rukh Khan is the father of astronomy after playing a NASA scientist in Swades.
Mumbai police has clarified, they have arrested Vindoo Dara singh for his role in movie 'kambhakt ishq' and not for spot fixing 
Don't judge too quickly, maybe Vindoo Dara Singh was arrested for his 'acting' in Kambhakt Ishq
Vindoo Dara Singh brought disgrace to his legendary father the day he acted in Kambakkht Ishq -NalayakSantaan
Vindoo Dara Singh arrested in Spot Fixing Scandal. Ideally he should have been arrested for his roles in Joker, Housefull 2, Son of Sardaar
Mean comments have been pouring in ever since the news of Vindoo's arrest broke out. Someone took to Twitter to say, "Vindoo had suffered Enough after seeing himself in Mirror everyday -PardonVindoo" while another exclaimed, "At least after getting arrested Vindoo Dara Singh is trending on twitter dude you're famous lets party"

And jokes on his teeth just won't stop coming in! 
Molar of the story: Never trust people with teeth like Ashish Nehra and Vindoo Dara Singh.
"With great teeth comes great responsibility" - Vindoo Dara Singh
They're gonna need a special cell for Vindoo Dara Singh's teeth.
People have tapped into the happenings in good humour, and cricketers have not been spared either: 
Sreesanth was looking for a quick buck. That's when he saw a Vindoo of opportunity.
"I am better than you because i can participate in Bigg Boss 7 but you can't. Bwahaha!" - Sreesanth to Vindoo Dara Singh
You Means Vindoo Dara Singh Signaling to Ashish Nehra Via his teeths? Inke Daant hi Tod do

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