Bebo's special gift for mom

Actor Kareena Kapoor Khan recently re-scheduled all her shooting dates just to be with her mother Babita on her birthday (April 20). Though her mother, Babita, initially had insisted that Kareena must not allow her work to suffer, but Kareena had already decided to make April 20 a special day for her.

After quickly wrapping up her work, she rushed back to Mumbai to arrange a small family get-together over dinner. Reportedly, Kareena and elder sister Karisma are very close to their mother.  Christmas and Babita’s birthday are the two occasions the girls never miss out to celebrate.

The Kapoor sisters are known to have always credited their success to their adorable mum and took advice from her for everything, be it their professional or personal life. When asked what was her gift for her mom she said, “My time and my love, that’s all she wants.”

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