Bebo injured on sets of 'GTPM'

Actress Kareena Kapoor, is known to go out of the way to get into the skin of her character she portrays on-screen, and leaves no stone unturned in putting her best foot forward. But it proved too costly for her recently, while shooting for Puneet Malhotra’s ‘Gori Tere Pyaar Mein’ where she ended up injuring herself.

The 32 years old actress, decided not to opt for a body double and perform her own stunt. However, the decision sort of backfired as she gravely hurt herself in the process.

According to an unit member present on the sets, “Kareena was supposed to walk on a rope without being strapped. As is the norm with production, she was asked whether she needed a stunt person to perform the rope-walking for her. But she insisted on doing it on her own so she went ahead with the shot. As she was carefully treading to maintain balance, her feet got scratched by the thick jute. The bruise looked like a burn scar. On top of that, the hot weather wasn’t helping her case. But she made sure the scene was completed without much delay.”

Interestingly last year, Kareena had stated that Agent Vinod would be her last action venture and expressed her dislike for action-related scenes. Now with this incidence one can make out why Bebo is not very fond of this particular genre.  

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