Bachchan's pet dog Shanouk dies

Bachchans loses their seven-year-old Piranha Dane dog named, Shanouk. The dog passed away today. Fans of Amitabh, who follow him on his blog, are very much aware of Amitabh's favourite canine.Shanouk was Abhishek Bachchan's birthday present in the year 2005.

Abhishek tweeted,"5th feb 2006, I received the most beautiful birthday present.. Shanouk my dog. Today I said my final goodbye to him. RIP my baby."

Amitabh cherished his memories with Shanouk the time since they got them to their place. Big B expressed earlier when they got Shanouk he use to search for his siblings but later on found a best buddy in Abhishek Bachchan. Shanouk use to sleep in AB's bed very often.

Big B tweeted,"the gentle warm breeze on a cold morning".."just stopped. Shanouk my pet Piraana Dane passed away a short while ago .."

Amitabh further expressed "Truer friend and companion there never was. Thank you Shanouk, for being there in the strength of your immense body and the sincerity of your drooping eyes, the rolls of pristine and soft skin and at times the affectionate saliva that drools all over our freshly washed clothing. It is a wonder that you do not talk, yet how well you understand. It is a wonder that you show concern and guard, without being asked to. It is a wonder that you obey and follow and perform on instruction."

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