Award shows are just TV shows: John

 Actor-turned-producer John Abraham, who has been in the industry for a decade now, says Bollywood award shows have been reduced to prime-time television shows and believes they can never reach the level of a fair award.   "All our award shows are television shows. Actors have to dance on those shows for television rating points. So it is a channel thing," the 40-year-old said here Wednesday at a promotional event for his film "I, Me aur Main".   Asked why is Bollywood not able to reach the level of the recently-held Oscars in Hollywood, he said: "We don't have any single award which is a serious award, so I don't think we will ever reach that level of a fair award. The actor who will dance will get the award and I think that's the way it has been happening."   However, John feels this year he has observed a change and good films have bagged awards.   "Last year all awards have been pretty fair, to be very honest, as new and different films like 'Paan Singh Tomar', 'Vicky Donor', 'OMG: Oh My God!', 'English Vinglish', 'Kahaani' - they have all bagged a lot of awards. I believe we still need to make a legitimate award. I don't think we have reached that level of maturity," John said.

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