Asha Bhosle gets nostalgic

Asha Bhosle recently in a tweet remembered how she got the remuneration of mere Rs 100 for her first song. She tweeted about how Mumbai has made all her dreams come true. One of her tweets was, 'Always enjoyed watching the city wake up. Mumbai is a late riser but the energy in this city is commendable. I got paid Rs. 100 for my first song. My husband and I celebrated with a roadside batatavada. Mumbai is the city of dreams. Some dreams come true.' The song for which she was paid Rs 100 was 'Saawan aaya'' for a movie Chunariya in 1948. Still on a nostalgic mood, in a series of tweets, Ashatai also remembered about her journey in trams and trains back then. She tweeted, 'Today's youth may not know that there were trams in Mumbai. I used to commute in trams and trains before I could afford a car,' Ashatai revealed that in the 50s she lived in Borivali and had to catch early morning train to go to work, everyday.

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