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Amitabh Bachchan expresses his feelings about Om Puri's demise

Senior actor Om Puri's demise has been a great loss for the Hindi film fraternity. Superstar Amitabh Bachchan who has worked with Om Puri in several films recently expressed his feelings about his death. Big B spoke about it to a popular tabloid. The Pink actor said, "Life's suddenness astounds us all. He was a friend, an affable, loving colleague, a dynamic talent… now lost… just like that… in a whisper that invaded our modern communication system. I went to his cremation. And at the crematorium, the flashes of the night cameras, blinding the path to the bereaved family, were in existence, too. Of their profession, that is their most important chore for the day. At that moment, my main concern was to hold my friend's son in an embrace and transfer strength to him in his young world. Not much to be said to an 18-year old who has lost his father. ‘Be strong', is all I could muster. What else could I say? What else can anyone say? They have lost personally and in relation, shall bear the end, with greater sorrow. I stood in silence, head to the ground, the other condoling visitors, stood, too."

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