All you need to know about the real Bajirao Mastani

Biscoot B-now reveals some historical facts about Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Bajirao Mastani and their love story. 

Who was Bajirao?
Baji Rao Ballal Balaji Bhat was also known as Baji Rao  the first. He was the son of Balaji Vishwanath and served as Prime Minister  to Emperor Shahu. Bajirao had children from his first wife Kashibai as well as Mastani.

Who was Mastani?
Mastani was the second wife of Baji Rao and the daughter of a Hindu, Maharaja Chhatrasal.

Following are the theories of Bajirao Mastani love story.

The Bajirao Mastani love story had different views and origins. It was said that  Mastani was a dancer in her father Chhatrasal's Court and Bajirao fell in love with Mastani during his first meeting with Chhatrasal. Sources say that Mastani's father gave Bajirao in gratitude his daughter for capturing back his throne from attack. Another view says that Mastani was often referred to as Bajirao's mistress even thoughshe was his lawfully wedded wife. As an expression of love, Bajirao bestowed the Jagir of Banda on Shamsher. According to popular folklore, Mastani committed suicide after hearing about Bajirao's death, by drinking poison from a ring which she was wearing. Others say that she jumped into the funeral pyre of her husband and committed sati. No documentation is available to confirm the actual cause.

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