All beauty, no soul: Jab Tak Hai Jaan

A Yash Chopra movie is always a delight to watch. Yash Chopra’s brand of romance has never failed…in fact, most of them like Silsila, Lamhe, or even Veer Zaara, stayed in our memories long after we watched them, thanks to the sensitivity and the nuances of romance that only Mr. Chopra could touch. Unfortunately, his last film, Jab Tak Hai Jaan comes devoid of any of those subtle nuances, in spite of the presence of all the cliches. Shah Rukh Khan plays a hard working 25 year old, who’s come to London, to make a living for himself. He comes from an army background but his mother wants him to be away from the army. In London, time and again he bumps into Meera (Katrina Kaif), who is always busy making a deal with Mr. Jesus. Since her childhood, Meera believes that if you promise something to God, only then he will give you something in return. Meera gets engaged to a childhood friend, Roger, but gets charmed enough by SRK to forget all about her engagement and fall in love with him. That’s no new thing in a YRF film. The heroines are known to throw up their commitments and engagements  at the sight of Shah Rukh Khan, the dimpled charmer. SRK manages to charm the audience too, as he prances around with a song on his lips and that dimpled smile to everyone he comes across.
What follows after is a long, unconvincing storyline, which includes two accidents, many bomb diffusions, one amnesia attack and one big white lie. Logic is not expected from such a script, but what might have saved us from disappointment is some chemistry, some convincing performances. While SRK, with his beguiling smile and his perfect seductive act takes the film a notch above, both the leading ladies, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma disappoint big time. Forget their performances, even their characters are not what a typical endearing Yash Chopra heroine should be like. While Katrina stands like a wax statue in most scenes, where she is required to emote, Anushka is overtly restless suffering from ants in pants syndrome. Two extremes of a spectrum.    
There are some scenes that stand out in spite of this humdrum goings on. One in particular is memorable. The scene where Katrina drops all her inhibitions and shows her newly acquired dancing skills. It manages to take your breath away and for once you notice that Meera is a breathing, sexy human being.
AR Rahman’s music is nothing to gloat about, either. All in all, a disappointing experience. However, it is the last montage of Yash Chopra directing the film that left most of the audience moist eyed. Yash Chopra, will be missed, for sure.
By: Shubha Shetty Saha

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