Alia Bhatt inspired by Emraan?

Alia Bhatt, who gained popularity with her debut film, Student of the Year, has revealed that she doesn't mind locking lips on screen. The 19 year old said: 'I don't consider kissing a taboo. I won't do it (expose) for the heck of it. If the script demands and it is justified.. will do it. Like in 'Student of The Year' I have worn a bikini. I was very comfortable doing that because it was required and it isn't that I haven't worn bikini in real life.' The Bhatt gal even went on to say that she wouldn't mind exposing if the script demands it. Looks like Alia has taken inspiration from the Bhatt camp Hero ' Emran Hashmi. We wonder if she will star in a Mahesh Bhatt movie. Commenting on Vishesh Films, alia says, 'I love their films. But that doesn't mean I love all their films. There are films that I don't like and I tell them about it too but there are films that I love as well.' Knowing that she has played safe, Alia agrees that SOTY under Karan Johar was the safest launch she could have as a newcomer. She said: 'You can call it safe. Bhatt camp makes films that are different. At the end of the day, it is all about how convincing you are onscreen. Like Emraan Hashmi started with Vishesh Films and today he is a superstar.' By Biscoot Editorial

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